Bumble: Real Voices

Snapchat x Product Campaign

Generally, people are not eager to watch a product demo, and even when they seek it out for help, it can still cause them to glaze over. But, people love a good tidbit from a friend’s dating life. So why not start there?

Bumble's app features are focused to help people find their perfect match. So we created 20+ simple and engaging product videos that explain how these features can help lead to successful dating experiences. We combed through hundreds of stories from real Bumble users and combined them with the Bumble app UI. The stories were relatable, intimate, a little silly and inspiring while effectively illustrating product features and benefits.

We also worked with our Buenos Aires office to create Snapchat AR lenses built into the app. Video chatting just got a bit more interesting 🙂

Client Bumble
Agency SpecialGuest
Executive Creative Director Aaron Duffy
Creative Director / Strategy Sarah Sherman
Production 1stAveMachine
Director Jo Gennett
Producer Hilary Downes
Editors Henry Hayes, Chelsey Blackmon, Nate Buchik, & Craig Davis
Animators Ali Burns, Djeison Canuto, & John Harrison
Snap Lens 3dar

Role Creative Director / Art Direction