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A New Way to Lingerie 
Lollipetals, a fledgling brand with a line of luxury nipple pasties, needed to elevate their product out of the traditional utilitarian cover-up-and-go territory. Our approach was to rethink what a pastie could be — and create a chic and cheeky brand sensibility. Our goal was to seduce a new audience into slipping into something a little sexier and a lot smarter than their raggedy old bra. Thus, Lollipetals' new brand was born. 

Designed to conceal what you want and reveal the rest. No more sticky chicken cutlets. No more ugly bandaids. Just easy-to-apply-and-wear nipple pasties. The organic shape subtly forms to the natural curve of your breasts. Plus, the super thin silicone creates a seamless, barely-there look, perfect for the tightest of vintage tees. And did we mention Lollipetals are actually cute? So cute you may even wanna show them off. 

So, go ahead, ladies. Burn your bra. Or at least, send it packing. Lollipetals is a new way to lingerie.

Client Lollipetals
Creative Director / Copywriter Kendall Green

Role Creative Director / Art Director