Bumble: Finally

Summer 2021 Global Campaign

We’ve been quarantined for a while. Which is tough, especially for single people. Bumble’s first global campaign rallied together vaccinated people who were ready to date again — Finally.

After a history-making IPO and a year of isolation that redefined human connection, Bumble wanted to position itself as the app to unlock your post-Covid summer of love. This was also a moment to set Bumble apart from competitors and take ownership of great dating experiences that aren’t just about finding your spouse or having a great one night stand. They’re all about great dates and meaningful connections, which are made up of all the little moments that give us butterflies and all the feels.

During the pandemic, we missed restaurants and concerts and dance parties. But we missed holding hands, light touches, and first makeouts even more. So, we zeroed in on these tiny moments and treated them on a big, cinematic scale across OOH and a series of videos featuring an original remix of CeCe Peniston's iconic track “Finally.” The result was a visceral campaign (all shot on film!) that makes you feel the feels and seek out these experiences for yourself — on Bumble. And it successfully tapped into the zeitgeist of this truly special hot vax summer: the week of launch, The New York Times came out with an article that might as well have been press for our campaign: People are making out everywhere. (And we ended up on WhatIsNewYork for a pretty amazing ad placement.?)

We built the campaign to stretch globally across EMEA and LATAM by curating the message for each region and encouraging vaccination. 

Client Bumble
Agency SpecialGuest
Executive Creative Director Aaron Duffy
Creative Director / Copy + Strategy Sarah Sherman
Art Director Caitlin Hickey

Copywriter Max Mager
Production 1stAveMachine
Executive Producer Andrew Geller
Photographer Ashley Armitage
Directors Danielle Katvan & Tucker Bliss
DP Mika Altskan
Music Lilah Obregon-Wilson & CeCe Peniston
Editor Andy McGraw
Color Daniel DeVue
Production Design Pili Weeber
Stylist Doria Santlofer
Hair / Makeup Shideh Kafei

Role Creative Director / Art Direction